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2 Posts authored by: ndutton
          15 December 2014, London, Farnell element14 has announced that it will be profiling the ACKme Networks product portfolio of compact, pre-certified, ultra-low power wireless modules for the embedded “IoT” market space. ACKme Network’s modules, test boards, software framework, and cloud services accelerate design time-to-market and greatly reduces risk in security, certification, and compatibility. Engineers and developers ...
A fun new project for you Arduino enthusiasts!       The code, a block diagram and a photo are posted below. enjoy!   SUMMARY This demo is a wireless display that can be updated remotely using a web browser on your phone, tablet or PC connected to   HARDWARE Wi-Fi AMW004-E03 Mackerel board from ACKme Networks Display 1.2" 8x8 Matrix LED from Adafruit Arduino: Mega2560 (other Arduinos ok too, but must be 3.3V) DESCRIPTION After the Mackerel boa ...

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