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Arduino - Oak and WeMos

Posted by ntewinkel Top Member Jan 25, 2016

I received my Digistump Oak a few days ago.

Digistump Oak

Picture is shown with an AA battery for size.  They included a pretty sticker and post card. Maybe that's to make it look like I actually received something, because that Oak is tiny!


The idea is that I should be able to use it just like a small Arduino, with WiFi.

They are still working on the firmware, so from what I can tell I can’t actually use it yet for anything ( - click through to their Kickstarter campaign for the updates). Please let me know if that’s not the case, I might be missing something.


Then a few nights ago, as I was browsing AliExpress for some art tools for my dear spouse, I came across the WeMos D1 mini (, which looks a LOT like the Oak, and it looks like it’s ready to use, and (at least when bought from a place like AliExpress) is only about $5 (shipping included).


Has anyone seen or heard of or tried the WeMos yet? and/or did anyone else sign up for the Oak, and receive it yet?

And will these be available through element14-and-friends in the future?


I forget who it was who said that crowdfunding/Kickstarter campaigns generally mean we pay today for next year’s technology (or something that might be outdated by the time it ships) - in this case that appears to be true again with WeMos and sort of with the $5 Raspberry Pi (with cheap WiFi dongle can be under that $10 mark), although the RPi is bigger so might not fit some applications. The Oak was $10, +$5 shipping to Canada (No regrets for sure, I'd still buy one at that price).




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