Kitchen Sink.jpgEarly in my consultancy, I was eager to please. First clients aren't easy to find! But this particular client was working on a new microcontroller implementation of an existing product. It started as a simple way to control the system, but as opportunities for project improvements came up everything became something that should be added. Some of the extra features were:

  • The ability to log system diagnostic data
  • The ability to log user input data
  • The ability to support USB communication to get the data off
  • A change from simple LED on/off to blinking, fading, pulsing LEDs

Not wanting to say, 'no' or tell my client that their project management would result in schedule and cost explosions, I complied with all requests with a measly warning of the delays. In the end, the project had to be shelved all together based on budget constraints. I understand now that the project is re-designed slightly and reverted back to not even using a microcontroller! It was a self-management lesson for me as well: bad news is worse when not bought out into the open.


It's no wonder that the management that couldn't keep an eye on their spec 'budget' had a hard time managing the finances....