"Quit your day job. Start your own company. Build your dream."  Check out these element14 Community exclusive series from The Business of Engineering. 


#1 The element14 Interviews

An Interview with Jeri Ellsworth

Elecia White on the Life and Times of a Consulting Engineer--The element14 Interview

Kat Scott is building a desktop Pick and Place! The element14 Interview

Chris Gammell: The element14 Interview

Interview with Zach Kaplan - Inventables' Easel and CNC milling

Reverse engineering a Blu-Ray disc drive, Fadecandy and LED light art, Micah Elizabeth Scott, the element14 Interview

Garrett Mace- macetech's LED control hardware / software, the element14 interview

Making PCBs affordable: OSH Park's James (Laen) Neal




#2 Dev FAILS


....And the kitchen sink!

How bad business decisions killed my project

A Project Failure Due to Short Sighted Financial Considerations

A project failure due to technical reasons - a supercapacitor problem

A Project Failure Due to Lack of Planning and Time Management


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#3 Adventures of a Freelance Engineer

Engineers As Consultants Pt. 1: So You Want To Be A Consultant

Engineers as Consultants Pt 2: How Do Engineers Find Consulting Gigs?

Engineers As Consultants Pt. 3: How To Price Consulting Services?

Engineers As Consultants Pt. 4: How To Keep A Client

Engineers as Consultants Pt 5: Finding the Best Client Mix

Engineers As Consultants Pt. 6: How To Turn Down A Client's Job

Engineers As Consultants Pt. 7: How to Write a Client Acceptance Clause in a Consulting Contract

Engineers As Consultants Pt. 8: Business Structures

Engineers As Consultants Pt. 9: Taxes, Write-offs, and Accounting

Engineers As Consultants Pt. 10: When A Subcontractor Doesn't Deliver

Engineers As Consultants Pt. 11: When A Client Turns Into A Deadbeat

Engineers as Consultants Pt. 12: Getting Paid With Company Stock

Engineers as Consultants Pt. 13: How to Assign IP Ownership in a Contract

Engineers as Consultants Pt. 14: The Annual Review



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