Grow with Google is a new initiative dedicated to teaching people new skills and preparing them for high tech jobs. Google is here to help you when machines take over your job. (Photo from Google)


We’ve been hearing about robots replacing humans for a long time now, but the fact is they actually are taking our jobs. Earlier this month, a McDonald’s in Springfield installed self-ordering kiosks. And try to find a grocery store now without a self-checkout lane. The sad truth is automation will take away certain jobs from people. But Google wants to put fears to rest with their latest initiative Grow with Google. Is this a program that creates more jobs for people? No, instead it’s a program that helps people learn new skills in tech fields.


The idea behind this initiative is that people can take advantage of various programs hosted by Google and learn a new skill to get a job in another field or even open their own business. The new website includes different programs for students, teachers, local business, those looking for jobs, and startups. And it’s all available to you for free. There’s even one training program that’s offering 50,000 Udacity scholarships for Android and web development – you don’t need any qualifications to apply.


The Grow with Google initiative will also host various events around the US to provide hands-on training and classes from Googlers. This new program is available for US residents only, but the company hasn’t forgotten about the international market. Google will embark on a global effort to provide non-profits around the world with $1 billion in grants to help them prepare for the “changing nature of work.”


Google isn’t the only company to launch an initiative to help train people for future jobs; Facebook launched a similar program. They pledged $25.2 million in training the state’s workers for high-tech jobs. 


These are great tools to take advantage of, especially if you’ve figured out that art degree isn’t working out for you. Rather than denying the increase of automation in the workforce, Google acknowledges it and is doing their part to make sure people aren’t kicked to the curb. But these free programs aren’t a one-way ticket into a high tech field.


Sure, you may learn some new skills along the way, but you’ll be competing with thousands of people searching for those same jobs. And the truth is, companies will most likely go with someone more experienced. Even though it helps out people, it doesn't solve the problem of the shrinking job market. Perhaps the only way to answer it is to have companies reconsider replacing humans with automation, but as long as they believe they can save some money, this won’t happen for a while.


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