Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak launches Woz U, an online university dedicated to providing skills needed to work in the tech world. Woz U wants to encourage people to learn the skills they need without worrying about debt. (Photo from Woz U)


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is hoping to encourage people to learn tech skills with his latest venture: online schools. Recently, Wozniak launched Woz U, an online university designed for those hoping to get a career in the tech industry. According to Wozniak’s statement, the goal here is to let people train in the skills they need “without putting them into years of debt.” He believes people often overlook technology-based careers due to high education costs and hopes his schools will give people the push they need.


Based out of Arizona, Woz U will start with online classes with programs geared towards software developers and computer support specialists. There are plans to provide programs for data science, mobile application, and cyber security sometime next year. Woz U also plans to offer platforms for tech companies to recruit, train, and retain their workforce. They’ll be able to do this via customized programs and subscription-based curricula. Eventually, Woz U hopes to move from online classes to physical campuses. They plan build campuses in over 30 cities around the world.


The institute will also include Woz U Education, which offers STEAM programs to K-12 schools. Woz U will also eventually introduce another program called Woz U Accelerator, which is a 12 – 16-month program launching in 2019 aimed at finding and developing “elite talent.” If it sounds a bit overwhelming don’t worry; there’s an app to help students figure out which tech path is for them.


There’s no word on how much classes will actually be. And even though Wozniak is behind this, it still sounds a bit too much like universities advertised during day time TV. And since it just launched, we don’t know how effective the classes will be.  It may be great for anyone who wants to get their foot in the tech industry or just learn some new tech-related skills, but you shouldn’t expect to waltz into a high paying tech job.


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