Thirteen of those climate scientists are from the US, where budget cuts have stifled projects after the US pulled out of the Paris Global Warming Accords. (Image credit: Joint Chiefs of Staff)


It’s no secret that the Trump administration doesn’t believe in global warming, or rather they believe it’s happening naturally and not manmade even though they released a report in November stating otherwise. We’ve also pulled out of the Paris Global Warming Accords and then went on to pitch the use of fossil fuels (notably coal) over renewable energy sources during the United Nations climate conference to deaf (not literally) on-lookers.


It’s also no secret that the Trump administration passed substantial budget cuts to climate science, environmental science, the EPA and clean energy innovators for the 2018 fiscal year. Suffice it to say, scientists in those departments were not happy, to say the least, with some considering leaving the country to pursue projects to stave off the rise of global temperatures. Months ago, French president Emmanuel Macron offered to host those scientists who disagreed with the US and other countries climate doctrines.


He has since kept his word and offered 18 scientists (13 of which are from the US) Make Our Planet Great Again grants to continue their work in France. Yes, the name of that initiative is a direct joke on Trump’s (Reagan’s really) motto of Make America Great Again, and Macron hasn’t been shy about how he feels about the US pulling out of the Accords. In fact, Macron devised those grants just hours after the Accord pull-out back in June.


The Make Our Planet Great Again initiative is a call for researchers, entrepreneurs, students, businesses to pursue projects that will help lessen or avert global climate change, and since its launch, over 5,000 people have applied for the grant. Ultimately, 18 were chosen out of those applicants with most coming from universities, including Princeton, Stanford, the University of Hawaii, the University of Boulder, the Italian National Council for research and more.


During his speech at the Paris startup hub Station F, Macron stated, “Thank you to all the researchers, entrepreneurs, students, corporates, thank you for what you do to fight global warming, this is our challenge, and we will overcome it.” He went on to say, “You will now settle in, develop projects, enrich French, European research because we've decided to give even bigger resources and to fully recognize what you are doing.”  


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