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Business of Engineering

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Magic Leap Inc is slowly introducing its new products to the world step by step. Some developers will get to test the products while others only get to develop an app for the platform. The Magic Leap One glasses (Image via Magic Leap)   Secrecy, a concept many have learned earlier in life through moments like making a wish before blowing one’s birthday cake’s candles or writing a letter to Santa at Christmas, has become very important in maintaining the competition between comp ...
The Automotive industry is evolving on how vehicles are being conceptualized, designed, built, used, and sold. Because of this, most automotive OEMs are challenging their engineers to use advanced technologies (such as robust embedded computation, innovative Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, or full connectivity to the Internet of Things) to address how people will use their vehicles; also driver safety, energy and environmental, and traffic congestion concerns.   Those technol ...
Cabe Atwell

XPRIZE: To The Moon!

Posted by Cabe Atwell Apr 10, 2018
A competition is giving the opportunity to five companies to launch a new industry: transportation to the moon. But there is a risk of their ideas never materializing. (Image via XPRIZE)   Since 2007, Google has been sponsoring the Lunar XPRIZE competition with a total of thirty million dollars invested in the event. However, the rules of the competition changed a bit as of March 31st of this year. Not only Google won’t be sponsoring the event any longer, but the prize of the competi ...