Hello all,


I’m Andrew from Dragon Innovation!


I wanted to take the time to introduce Dragon Innovation and convey how excited we are to contribute quality information, knowledge and insights from our years of experience in the manufacturing space to this awesome platform. We, along with Premier Farnell, are part of the Avnet extended family, so we’re excited to collaborate in this realm.



A little more about us, Dragon Innovation is a manufacturing services and software company. We provide the fastest, simplest, and safest way to manufacture electronics at scale. From our easy to use software tools for early stage planning to our Manufacturing Solutions as you move into production, we can help every step of the way as you bring your product to life at Entrepreneur Speed™.



A tool that we're building out that I'd like to share with you is Product Planner. This software helps you understand the consequences of design decisions you're making with your product based on cost, quality and schedule. You can key in on insights that directly help you get to production and have success with manufacturing. Understand things like your break-even point, design or BOM issues and most recently, your cash flow.


If you've got any questions or just want to learn more, feel free to shoot me a note!


Looking forward to awesome collaboration!