You can always expect to see some amazing homemade projects at the Maker Faire. The 9th Annual Maker Faire in NYC did not disappoint.

Check out some of my highlights below.


1. Rideable Robot Horse


2. Stellar Star Wars Cosplay (Rey)


3. K-9 Robo-Dog


4. Kermit’s Robotic Lollipop Delivery Service


5. Pit Droid (Star Wars)


6. Totoro


7. Robot Band


8. Blue Bird that Can Read Your Emotions


9. Tapigami, City of Tape



10. Crowdsourced 3D-Printed Sculpture


11. Tiny (Elegant) Home

{gallery} small home





12. Monster Robot Made by High School Student and His Dad


13. Robo-Fish

14. 3-D Printed Stilletos


15. Indoor Gardening


16. Custom 3D-Printed Plant Potters Based on Your Cat


17. Dino-Bot


18. Flaming Saxomophone


19. Exploding Coca-Cola: Coke Zero & Mentos


20. Hand of Man