When the Raspberry Pi was introduced in the classroom as a viable desktop replacement, many were skeptical to the processing power and software ecosystem that came with the single board computer. Then came the Pitop and things have never been the same. Enter Computex 2019 on 26th May in Taipei, where the future of technology is showcased and one of the unexpected demos was Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx and it's partnership with Lenovo. Codenamed Project Limitless, a 2-in-1 laptop was on display that is powered by Snapdragon SOC and runs Windows 10 no less. It looks like the Yoga convertible that has induced mixed feelings in the users.



So this was bound to happen right? The kicker is the benchmarks using PCmark10, according to which the 8cx actually beats an 8th Generation i5 while running MS Office applications. The Snapdragon was running these apps in emulation so the numbers are even more impressive. When it comes to battery life, well it is just not fair competition and we hope that we can get our hands on one soon. The demo unit had the X55 5G modem as part of the always connected theme and we cannot help but wonder what this means for the future of portable computers this holiday season.



As far as the app development is concerned, the cross platform framework Electron will be supporting ARM on Windows later this year. Electron is the same technology that powers Visual Studio Code as well as desktop clients for the like of Slack and Discord. On the gaming end, Unity is being recompiled for ARM and the results are promising.


So the question is, will you be looking at ARM portables to replace your laptop or will you wait till more manufacturers come up with similar offerings.