Fake Tony Stark is about to be a real-life Tony Stark. The Footprint Coalition, a new organization founded by Robert Downey Jr. will be dedicated to using advanced technologies to help improve the environment, will launch in April 2020. The announcement took place on June 5th in Las Vegas during the famous actor's opening keynote for Amazon's Re:Mars conference.


Robert Downey Jr's new organization, The Footprint Coalition will help maintain a cleaner environment with the use of robotics and artificial intelligence.


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Downey Jr. believes the implementation and use of nanotechnology and robotics could help make the earth cleaner in ten years. The insight into this idea was handed down to him a few weeks ago by experts in advanced technology.


The announcement was made during the ending segment of a 20-minute discussion involving artificial intelligence, Downey Jr.'s career, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and finally, the progression of Tony Stark in the famed Marvel films. The conference also had Amazon's AI assistant Alexa and Matt Damon joined in the conference via video call. Details on how the organization would deliver on its promise were not yet known or released, but even a small impact would be a step in the right direction. The organization's website launched after Downey Jr. left the stage, but the website is noticeably bare of content. All that's shown is a newsletter sign up form.


During Downey Jr's talk at the conference, he hailed Artificial Intelligence as a major technological advancement that gives him hope and unique opportunities, while finding himself in disbelief over the environmental situation around the world. He also admitted to contributing to the climate crisis, saying "I'm a one-man carbon footprint nightmare colossus."


Downey Jr. has used AI and other advanced technologies beyond his Tony Stark character more than a few times. He and his wife, Susan Downey collaborated together to produce an entire documentary-series about Artificial Intelligence on YouTube. The entire series, which was announced last year, contains eight episodes that run for an hour and is focused on learning new and exciting facts about Artificial Intelligence and how it will make an impact on people's lives, whether positive or negative.


Instagram Live needs to up the resolution... but here is the live announcement.


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