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Business of Engineering

2 Posts authored by: JenCooke element14 Team
We posted on Monday about how our upcoming birthday has made us all philosophical about the role of the engineer, and asked you a few questions about what being an engineer means to you personally.   We would also like your perspective on the bigger picture and the impact that engineers have had on the world that we know it.     What do you think are the greatest engineering achievements?   Which engineers do you feel are most deserving of respect?   Are there an ...
We’ve got a birthday coming up. The element14 Community will turn five years old soon and this milestone has got us thinking about the big questions. Who we are, why we’re here and what we mean to people, that sort of thing.   The element14 Community was created for engineers. So we wanted to spend our birthday week celebrating and recognising you, the people who design, build and maintain the technology in our world today.     We want to really understand what bei ...

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