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Business of Engineering

2 Posts authored by: Stuartsjones
Today is Nikola Tesla's birthday and many rightly recognize him as one of the greatest, most influential engineers of all time. However, we want to know who do you personally recognize as the greatest? Were you inspired by a well known figure in engineering, or was it somebody far lesser known that inspires you and continues to do so?   Let us know in the comments below before Wednesday July 16th and we will pick the ten best comments to receive a pack containing these limited edition Niko ...
A few months ago we were luck enough to have engineer Seggy Segaran present this webinar. Seggy has over 35 years experience in engineering and takes this opportunity to pass on the knowledge he has gained in designing and launching over 30 products. Scroll down for the video. Image from York Press   If you enjoyed watching Seggy's webinar, you should note that he has also written a book on the subject, which is available from Amazon.     ...

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