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Business of Engineering

2 Posts authored by: kas.lewis
I was recently working on a project where the goal was to control a rocket's altitude and recovery system. The basic goal was to have an altimeter to know at what altitude the rocket was at in order to deploy the drag chute and then at an acceptable speed deploy the main chute. For a first time attempt at designing a system to work for this application this goal would have been a good first step however, the team leader decided to go big or go home.     With just five months till lau ...
When I was a co-op student a number of years ago I was tasked with automating device testing for a specific company. The testing that was in need of automation was taking up valuable hours each day. One unit could easily take 2 hours a day for its first week and then twice weekly after that slowly decreasing to once per week. The manager in charge of this project had decided that using a software suite that was designed for such tasks, such as NI’s Labview was too expensive and that we cou ...

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