When we opened applications to Startupbootcamp IoT's 2017 program back in April we felt that support for Industrial and B2B startups was lacking and that’s why we made a conscious effort to meet and help more of them in the months that followed. Fast forward to today and, having begun our second growth program this week, below are the nine startups we’ll be supporting over the coming months.


Would love to get the thoughts of the community on each of the startups in the comments section below; recommendations, advice, support... It's all very welcome!



Through an augmented reality interface, HUDlog is improving professional driver habits so that fleet managers can reduce their day-to-day fuel costs and vehicle maintenance expenses.


Internet of Trees

Thanks to a wireless monitoring module, Internet of trees allows conservation groups to monitor a whole forest, helping them detect fires and monitor environmental factors (such as temperature and soil conditions) affecting forest growth.



Mothive helps high-margin fruit growers to increase production yields and reduce the risk of crop disease by giving them the data they need to improve management activities (such as irrigation) and predict future cultivation.


Odyssey Sensors

Odyssey Sensors has built TankSentry, an easy, efficient and cost effective way for low-margin farmers to manage their water supply. Their solution can be integrated with existing data management subscriptions allowing farms to spend less money and time collecting and analyzing water data.


Robotic Solutions

Robotic Solutions is giving the manufacturers and owners of cleaning machines a ready to install tracking device that helps an end-user improve clearning habits and increase operational efficiency.



Storybot is a screen-free gaming device for children which transports them into immersive worlds. New and popular games can be played solo or with friends to help keep children physically and socially active.



Sonodot increases a warehouse’s or manufacturer’s efficiency and safety by allowing them to track high-value assets (such as forklifts) or perishable goods. Sonodot’s plug and play device provides key stakeholders with this data in real time.



ThingBlox has developed a range of plug and play hardware modules that allow IoT devices to securely communicate with one another without the threat of being hacked.



Through a special long range RFID chip in a standard plastic card, Unifi.id gives building managers new levels of insight into where people are in their building, allowing them to deliver better service, improve security and safety, and optimise their utility usage.



What’s Next?

In the coming weeks we’ll be working with the teams on, amongst other things, their positioning, branding, and go-to-market strategy. Given each startup is developing both a hardware and software component to their solution, we’ll also be focusing on the technical viability of each solution. This is all with the aim of getting each startup ready to talk to partners, investors and customers in time for our Investor Week and Demo Day events in January next year.


Of course if you’re interested in talking to any of the teams above before then, or want to learn more about the program, then do get in touch!