For the second year in a row, Farnell element14 is proud to be an official partner of Startupbootcamp IoT, an intensive three-month acceleration program for tech-based startups. We recently traveled to Startupbootcamp IoT's London headquarters to meet the participating startups for the 2017 cohort.

Introducing ThingBlox

ThingBlox is a Hungarian startup that offers a complete package of IoT communications technology with extremely high levels of security, authenticability and mass provisioning without coding in simple, scalable hardware modules.


Through working on a variety of hardware projects over the years, CEO Gabor Borjan and his team realised that while making connected devices has become relatively simple, it remains difficult to make them truly secure. ThingBlox was born out of a desire to combat this issue and create truly un-hackable and authenticated IOT communication solutions.


About the Product


ThingBlox devices consist of a number of microprocessors, micro controllers, memory chips and various network interfaces including WiFI, LoRa and NB IoT modules. They can be used without any advanced hardware or security know-how, making it possible to create high security communication products without any third party assistance. It is compatible with all cloud-based IOT platforms and offers unlimited scalability in a low-cost, out of the box package.


Joining Startupbootcamp IoT...


Relocating from Hungary to the UK for Startupbootcamp IoT has already opened up ThingBlox to a wide range of opportunities according to Borjan. Because their devices have such a wide variety of potential applications, ThingBlox could potentially be utilised by many of the other participating startups - a possibility the team are eager to explore. They're also hoping to build connections within the wider developer community and attract partners for manufacturing and distribution. "It's a totally different feeling" explains Borjan. "We feel very much at home within this community."


We'll be continuing to check in with ThingBlox and the other Startupbootcamp participants over the coming weeks, so keep checking this space for more updates. You can also learn more about ThingBlox on their official website and on the Startupbootcamp website.