Last time we checked in with Sonodot CEO Niccolo Corsini, he was hoping to open discussions with potential partners and demonstrate the real-world value of his indoor location intelligence platform via a series of pilots. We caught up with Niccolo again as he and his team were preparing for the climax of the Startupbootcamp IoT program - Demo Day, in which the participating startups pitched their businesses in front of a packed crowd of investors, partners and potential customers...


Preparing for Demo Day


As this cohort of Startupbootcamp IoT draws to a close, Niccolo and his team are working tirelessly to complete their MVP, kick-start their pilots and perfect their business model in time for Demo Day. Among the many highlights of the event was a trip to a major Intralogistics conference in The Netherlands, in which an improvised demo in a cafe turned into advanced discussions with the owner of an 80,000 square meter warehouse space that houses tenants such as Tesla, Puma and Nokia.


"It's been a very busy ride" admits Niccolo. "We're excited for the next steps."


The evolution of Sonodot


Since joining the program, the Sonodot team have focused many of their efforts on developing the web app and analytics platform for their solution, which helps warehouses and factories to increase the efficiency of their material handling operations using high performance plug and play indoor tracking sensors. They have also been speaking to stakeholders from various warehouses, leasing companies and manufacturers to gain a better understanding of the dynamics of their market.


The initial plan is now to target small to medium sized warehouses where material handling is a core component of the operation. Sonodot's solution will be built around a one-off installation fee and a monthly subscription per sensor, with a potential premium offering also in the planning stages.


"We're very happy with the progress we've made" says Niccolo. "We've been taking feedback on board and perfecting it as we go. Now we have something we can show to customers that gives a better idea of the value we can offer."


The future


After Demo Day, Niccolo and his colleagues will be turning their attentions to the three pilots they now have in the pipeline. One will take place in Romania, one in The Netherlands and one in the United Kingdom.


"The pilots will be crucial to our understanding of how we can better service customers" explains Niccolo. "If they go well, we're confident of a great success."


Sonodot is a high performance plug & play indoor location intelligence platform that helps warehouses and factories to increase the efficiency and safety of their material handling operations by tracking vehicles such as forklifts in real time. You can learn more about them on their official website.