Startupbootcamp is a global family of industry-focused growth programs for startups, providing early-stage tech founders with direct access to mentors, partners and investors. For the third year in a row, Farnell element14 is a partner of their Startupbootcamp IoT program.


This year, eight tech startups have been selected from among hundreds of applicants to participate in an intensive three-month acceleration program. They will attend workshops, enjoy one-to-one sessions with business mentors and industry professionals, and work on their devices in a state of the art fast prototyping lab and shared co-working space. The program will culminate in January 2019 with 'Demo Day', an industry showcase in which they will pitch their businesses in front of potential investors, partners and customers.


We travelled to London to meet this year's Startups as they settled into their new working space and prepared for the next three months of work. They shared the inspiration behind their IoT products, the technical challenges they hope to overcome and how they expect their products to develop in the future.




The participating startups for the Startupbootcamp IoT 2018 cohort are...



A digital stethoscope and ECG with built-in biometric authentication to monitor cardiac functions in professional athletes and enable continuous health care.



Mechion specialise in creating intelligent, autonomous patient observation systems which can detect the early signs of dementia, provide important analytics, insights and data for doctors, care nurses and family members, and even help individuals in the early stages of dementia to live an independent lifestyle for as long as possible.


Watch our extended interview with Mechion co-founder Dr. Alexander Gkiokas here.


ORB Innovations

ORB Innovations are developing wearable technology to prevent misdiagnosed head injuries and improve the performance of athletes and sports players through providing previously unobtainable performance and health metrics.


Watch our extended interview with ORB Innovations Director Robert Paterson here.



PIN IoT are harnessing the growth of low power networks to develop a sophisticated supply chain visibility platform that collects raw data and processes it into actionable insights that customers can use to drive value, prevent theft and make smart, informed decisions to improve cost efficiency.


Watch our extended interview with PIN IoT founder Paul Byrne here.


Qbots Energy

Qbots provides new revenue streams and savings on energy bills by enabling proactive management of consumption, production, and storage of energy.


Ragnarok 2.0

Ragnarok 2.0 saves lives with a smart suit that remotely detects falls, activity, body/ambient temperature for workers and supervisors exposed to high-risk working environments.



SweepTEQ are developing a line of robotic rovers that uses a combination of autonomous motion planning and object detection to scan airfields for debris and safely collect it, preventing aircraft damage and potentially saving millions of dollars per month in maintenance costs.


Watch our extended interview with SweepTEQ CEO Ahmed El Rayes here.


Vesta Smart Packaging

Vesta Smart Packaging aims to reduce the use of plastic bottles by using ESP32 and a combination of sensors to record their content and automate refill as and when required.


Watch our extended interview with Vesta Smart Packaging CEO Tom Mowat here.



Over the coming weeks, the startups will be hard at work on refining their products, developing their branding and go-to-market strategy, meeting mentors and investors and much more. We'll be continuing to track their progress right here over the coming weeks.


If you have any questions or comments about the Startupbootcamp IoT program or any of this year's participants, please let us know and we'll be happy to pass them on.