This will be the first blog for my series of blogs in this challenge.


Firstly, I'd like to thank the element14 Community as well as the Raspberry Pi Foundation for giving me the opportunity to participate in this challenge.


Included in the Challenge Kit:

Raspberry Pi 4, 2GB Variant

Pimoroni ENVIRO Hat Mini

Pimoroni Automation Hat Mini

Pimoroni GPIO Tracker Thing

Apologies for the delay, we have are working on adding something very interesting for free (and currently secret)  for the kit selection!

- Mr. Phil Hutchinson


For this project, I am using 2 Raspberry Pi's, most likely both 4's, and possibly an Arduino.


The Raspberry Pi's- one is to drive the ENVIRO HAT Mini, to monitor environmental conditions.


The other Raspberry Pi is to drive the Automation HAT Mini, to run the water pump.


Lastly, an Arduino to drive the LED's, for lighting.


Since I won't have space to make a full scale model, I'll make a reduced size one with all features to demonstrate it.


It's a chassis with drawers, each drawer has it's own growing plants.