This is my first blog of 1 Meter Pi Challenge. I am excited about this opportunity because I would like to visit the outer space in my lifetime.


1 Meter Pi Challenge Project Concept Video

I made a video about this challenge. Hope you can enjoy watching this ~ 1 minute video.



Prototype Concept

The idea started by watching NASA videos - how do astronauts drink water under microgravity?


They use water bags to drink water. Then, I thought we can use those water bags to grow vegetables!


Vegetables need mainly three things to grow. 1. light, 2. air (oxygen and CO2) and 3. nutrients. If we can keep liquid nutrients in water bags and supply oxygen to roots, then plants can grow even on rockets


There seems to be light source available inside rockets. For plants to grow faster, they prefer full spectrum, so I plan to make a 1 cubic meter box and attach light sources at four corners to cover 360 degree or put one big light bulb at the center of 1 cubic meter. We will take care of the light source later.


Here is a picture of the concept design.

Next Steps

I am looking forward to receiving the kits, so I can start setting it up and play with it. If I have not received the kit, then I will just try to use my own raspberry pi for the time being.


Hope to enjoy this 10-week journey of 1 Meter Pi Challenge with everyone on Element 14 community. Thanks for reading this post!