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1.  2Pi Microgravity Garden Blog 1 | Getting Started


Blog #2 Summary:

1. Set up Raspberry pi (my own raspberry pi 4 as I haven't received the kits from Element 14 yet - where are they now???).

2. Pick a couple of water bags to try hydroponic systems for 360 degree garden.


In my "Sustain the World" design challenge, I worked on the smart hydroponic system. My last blog post of Sustain the World is in this link: Measure Climate Change with Hydroponic System Blog #10 | Summary I plan to use the same nutrition method and would like to find spill free water bottle/bags this week.


1. Raspberry Pi Setup

Raspberry pi is very popular for hobbyists and I have a little bit prior experience with Raspberry pi. Nowadays, the installation is very straightforward thanks to the Raspberry community !


The Raspberry pi 4 comes with mini HDMI port, so we can connect to a monitor and audio. The device can be powered by a USB type C cable.


The Raspberry Pi is set up as described in the link below.


2. Pick up water bottle and bags

A couple of items for choosing water bottle/bags are (1) spill free and (2) volume = 1 liter. At amazon, there are a few of choices and I picked up these two water bags. Let's see how we can grow vegetables with these bags.


The next question is which vegetables I should grow. I will think about it till next blog If you have any suggestions, please let me know.