Growing crops in microgravity is in many way different from farming on earth. In particular, the challenges of growing plants is space are

  • Space is an important resource on a spaceship, so it must be exploited to the utmost. However, in a microgravity environment, there is also a big opportunity in that there is no up or down: plants simply grow towards the light
  • Plants are exposed to stresses like hypoxia and oxidation due to poor soil aeration
  • At your destination site, there are no resources, so everything on the starship should be reusable


Proposed project

The proposed project for this project is to build a growing box that tries to solve the above-mentioned challenges. In particular

  • seed are planted on all the six internal faces of the cubs
  • an aeroponic system will be devised to overcome all the issues related to the presence of soil

The overall structure of the growing box is shown in picture below


All the six internal faces of the cube are equipped with housing for plants. Seed will be implanted in rockwool

At destination, the cube will be opened to provide fertile soil for the colony


Project plan


  • The problems related to building an aeroponic system will be researched
  • The best accomodation for all required components will be investigated


System design

  • Block diagram
  • Mechanical design
  • Piping
  • Software design

System Build

  • Electronics build, Mechanical Build, Software programming

Developmental Testing

  • System electrical testing, System software testing, System mechanical testing

System Application Tests

  • The system will be tested and lattuce will be cultivated

Documentation & Conclusions

  • Each of the project plan tasks will include a related blog