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This post is not about electronics but about preparation of mushroom farming.

It will take about 2 weeks for mycelium to grow, in any dark place, no specific temperature or humidity.

During this time I can set up the electronic part of my enclosure.


I plan to use PF Tek method of growing mushrooms (you can see detailed description of it here

I decided to use 3 varieties of oyster mushrooms: King, King Blue and Pearl Oysters.



Step 1. Modification of the jars


I prepared containers for growing mycelium cakes, they are 4 oz mason jars and I drilled 4 holes with ⅛ drill bit in the cap of each, to inject mycelium liquid later. This preparation step needs to be done only once, and jars can be reused again and again.

Step 1 - Drilling holes in containers' caps




Step 2. Preparation of the medium mix


I prepared a mix of vermiculite and brown rice flour. Vermiculite is needed for water retention and aeration of the medium , and brown rice flour is organic food for mushrooms to feed on and grow. I could have used other organic material, like sawdust but I just happened to have flour already. The exact proportions for the mix are: 7 cups of vermiculite, 2 cups of brown rice flour, and 750 ml of water.


Step 2 - Prepare the medium




Step 3. Filling jars with the medium


I filled jars with the mix and topped with a thin level of vermiculite which will act like bacteria and mold filter.



Step 4. Jars' sterilization process


I wrapped the jars in the foil paper to keep desired medium humidity and sterilized all the jars in my pressure cooker for 90 minutes. I am sure there will be pressure chambers available in space so the sterilization process will be much more efficient.



In total, I did 24 jars, each of them will (hopefully) grow mycelium and will be turned into mycelium cakes.



The next step is to create a sterile chamber and inoculate the jars with mycelium inside it.