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Blog 5 Task List

1. Raspberry Pi (Host) - Arduino (Controller) Configuration

  • Set up Rasberry Pi to connect to Arduino Compatible Board through USB

Now, the 1 meter of Pi setup is like this !



I would like to add a couple of sensors for this 1 meter of Pi system with Arduino compatible board.

1. CO2 Sensor

2. DC motor for air pump to the hydroponic system

3. Water Level Sensor - Non-contact liquid sensor is interesting!

4. Fan control for pollination (still researching)


2. Plants Progression in my garage


2.1 Growing Spinach indoor - the growth rate of spinach is very random so far.

2.2 Green Peppers

I wonder how to pollinate green peppers and tomato inside space rockets. They are usually self-pollinate plants by wind and bees. I just helped them using cotton swabs.


2.3 Tomato





A bit Painful Experience to get Raspberry Pi to work with Arduino Compatible Board (ex: Infineon XMC4700 Relax board)

1. (Fail) Install Arduino on Raspberry Pi

This is a typical Arduino installation. However, this actually ended up installing the Arduino in an old 2017 version. The problem with this is we cannot use a 3rd party board package for Arduino.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install arduino


2. (Fail) Instal the Arduino ARM 32-bit version from Arduino Website: https://www.arduino.cc/en/software


// Extract tar ball and source the installation file.

tar -xvf arduino-a.b.c-linux64.tar.xz
cd arduino-a.b.c/
sudo ./install.sh


However, installing board package for Infineon XMC microcontroller board failed. Another fail ! This method probably works with pre-installed Arduino compatible boards, though. So, this problem is on my side.

(3) (Success) instal Arduino package on Platform IO with VS Code.

This method finally worked on Raspberry Pi after many hassles



The instructions for downloading board package and installing library are summarized in the link below.



Good thing about VS code is cross-platform between different operating systems. Even raspberry Pi OS which is ARM 32bit based (I didn't try the 64-bit version), this worked fine for my case.


Next Steps

I would like to start monitoring the environment of the 1 cubic meter space.