Ok! My procrastination has lead to me not doing anything.


Well, I managed to get the Enviro hat to work. This blog will document my progress.




I didn't have a HDMI monitor free, I had a Raspberry PI Foundation 7" touchscreen, but didn't really use it. I just used it to check the IP address and unplugged.


This is using SSH. SSH by default is disabled on the Pi. You must go to pi configuration and set it to on, and then reboot.


Here is how to connect to the Pi via SSH on a Mac(I'm using a Mac so this is how I do it, not sure for other OS but I suspect Linux is similar)

ssh pi@


Note: after the @, it's your pi's IP. The example was the IP my Pi had.


It will ask you for a password for the pi @ (IP). By default the password is "raspberry".


I'm no python expert, I'm using the pre-made examples which I find to be suitable for my case.


First, in the terminal, type:


git clone https://github.com/pimoroni/enviroplus-python
cd enviroplus-python
sudo ./install.sh


For people not familiar with terminal executions, git clone is to "clone" or basically download a repository from GitHub. The link is the location of the repository which includes all necessary libraries, examples, and configuration settings.


"CD" means "change directory". This means that you'll change your current directory to the one after, which is enviroplus-python.


Lastly, it's installing some script files.


Now, type in this:


cd examples


We are switching our directory to examples, which is inside enviroplus-python.


"Ls" is to "look" inside this directory to see what is inside.


There are a few examples. To run them,


python (filename)


Some may require python version 3. Instead, type


python3 (filename)


I'm using the "weather-and-light.py" example. This is a premed one that shows quite a lot of sensor data, together on the 0.96 display.


The command:


python3 weather-and-light.py


I used python3- this file requires python 3.


I honestly did this before and it didn't work. If it doesn't work for you, tag me in the comments and I'll be happy to troubleshoot with you. I can even install a fresh copy of raspbian on another pi 4 to try and find your issue, and to troubleshoot.


Now, here's the working example!



Additionally, here is a video I made.



Hmm, is the video loading?


Note: I'm not using the raspberry pi provided as part of the hardware. I already have 2 opened Pi 4GBs(so this satisfies the 2Gb requirement of contest), and I hope this doesn't disqualify me. (Contest Pi is unopened since I don't need it opened at this moment.)