1. Oxygen generator for a whole area (currently limited due to resource constraints)
  2. Portable oxygen generator for an individual (this project focuses on this)

For approach 1, good quality atmospheric oxygen PPM sensors are costly and are out of our financial budget.

One such module is AST SRZ-CA24-4 from OxyCheq.



For our demonstration, we use approach 2 where we use a MAX30102 Pulse Oximeter & Heart Rate Monitor sensor from Maxim Integrated.



Calculations and constraints evaluation:


  • The main constraint of the project was the 1m³ space constraint.
  • However, our project is well inside the 1m³ space constraint.
  • Rough measurements estimate a volume size of 0.008 m³ space requirement for the whole assembly.
  • So the whole module will require only negligible space from the 1m³ space provided.





  • Low cost and safe
  • Less volume and footprint
  • Robust and reliable
  • The immediate availability of O2 and instant O2 recharge by replenishing the water inside the bottle
  • A small pinch of salt can increase the rate of electrolysis