In my previous blog, you all learnt this is a simple control system that uses water, ventilation and light to grow plants in modular cells,

In this blog let's connect everything and run it.

Here's the logo of the Agrocube

Let's get started:

Use a 12V power source preferably a 12V battery so that it won't have a problem with electricity issues in developing country like India/Africa.

This 12V will be used power the pump and also for LED's if required.

So here's the connection diagram:


Here's the code:


Here's the complete video with explanation:


I know I'm late to the party, this was due to the covid-19 delivery restrictions and other delays. I apologize with judges for the late submission and kindly request judges to consider my project while evaluating.

I would like to thank Phil_Hutchinson  danzima pchan and all the element14 community for their support.


Vishwas Navada B