Space Vegetables ICON


Hello all ! Hope everyone is felling well and safe.


Although 1 meter of PI Design Challenge is officially over, I will keep posting until I have some vegetables out of it !


The plants are growing well, and the tomatoes are already touching the top of the greenhouse. I know I can trim them to keep them from growing taller.

Tomatoes growing


There's been a rough days for temperature in my city. Thermometers are hinting temperatures below 0ºc , but in the greenhouse the temperature never went below 13º C. I do have a temperature sensor for the water, but haven't tried it yet. Will do during this next week. A very cold water is bad for the plants.


I keep monitoring the PH of the water and adding nutrients to it every week, using the proportions set by the nutrients manufacturer.

Here's the latest photos of the garden, as of today:


and, as always, here's the latest time lapse, from since the beginning until now.