Here are my previous posts for the BBB Radio Challenge:




This project was really fun to work on.  I hadn't used a BeagleBone Black before, and wish I could have used more if it GPIO features.  I did have experience writing Java code for Raspberry Pi so that helped in terms of knowing about embedded Linux.


Another feature I wish I had more time for was a visual element; maybe in the next version.


Java proved to be a powerful tool to use in this project.  Java provided access to the network, system commands, and enabled portable code.



Here is a demo of the project in action, inside of my first attempt at its enclosure.  I want to call it RadioHead, but that might be trademarked.



Again the source code is available:




If you want to take a look at development builds, then here is a link to the build server:




See the last post (Installing FM Support) for system requirements to get this running on your Linux system.

Here are some photos of the enclosure build:










That last one is from before I added the 'smile'.