With about a month left in the Vertical Farming Design Challenge, the contestants are stepping their games up and working hard on completing their projects. It’s been a very wet week for me here in South Carolina, and with me being confined mostly to my home I have had a chance to read over this week's project updates a few times. So let’s see which projects caught my eye in the past week.


Vertical Farming Design Challenge


In the past seven days we have seen five updates posted across five of the challenge’s projects.


Project: Vertical Hyperponic Farm by James O’Donnel (jamesod)

Project: Modular Farm by José Marques (jmbranco76)

Project: Vertically Oriented Modular System by Rick Reynolds (RWReynolds)

Project: The Plant Blog by Erik Lau (curly722)

Project: Adapted Greenhouse by Michael Ratcliffe (m.ratcliffe)



Stacked Container Hydroponics for Vertical Farming : Blog 7 - SCADA System Update



Rick Reynolds’ (RWReynolds) project, Stacked Container Hydroponics for Vertical Farming took a big leap forward this week with the inclusion of an enclosure to protect the EZR32WG starter kitEZR32WG starter kit and Raspberry PiRaspberry Pi controller boards. Rick also gave us a link to the new data that his SCADA system is outputting to Initial State, and as you can see it’s looking nice.



Modular Farm Blog: Post 9 - Solar Energy Part I



José Marques’ (jmbranco76) project, Modular Farm, seems to be getting better with every passing update. In last week’s installment, José laid out his plan to integrate solar power to run the Modular Farm’s electronics. He will be using the Silicon Labs EFM32 Zero GeckoSilicon Labs EFM32 Zero Gecko board to handle most of the project’s logic needs, and its low-power consumption makes it ideal to power with solar.




José says that “due to the solar panel characteristics, a power conversion device named MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) is required to polarize the panel voltage in order to maximize its energy production.” You can head over to his latest update to check out his prototype MPPT, and take a look at its schematic.



That’s it for this week’s Design Challenge Summary. I will be back in a week with another weekly summary. If you have not yet checked them out, check out my Halloween Projects, and my Design Challenge Project Summary Series by heading over to my content page!



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