It’s been a crazy last two weeks for me, and a busy one for the Vertical Farming Design Challenge. In the past seven days we have seen quite a few new updates posted, with a lot of progress being made in each post. This week I want to quickly cover my top two favorite blog post from the Vertical Farming Design Challenge, and then post a separate update to one of my Design Challenge Project Summaries with some awesome updated progress.


Vertical Farming Design Challenge


In the past seven days we have seen thirteen updates posted across several of the challenge’s projects.




Stacked Container Hydroponics for Vertical Farming : Blog 6 Part 2 - SCADA


2015-10-13 18_34_39-Vertical Farming_ Stacked Container Hydroponics... _ element14.png

Rick Reynolds’ (RWReynolds) project, Vertically Oriented Modular System has been one of my favorite throughout this competition mostly because of his thorough blog post, and attention to detail. A few weeks back, Rick introduced us to his SCADA system, and this week he has defined each of the data points that it will be collecting. Head over to his blog post at the link above to read all about it.



Automated Green House Blog:11.1 - Self Optimising Automated Nutrient Doser - EC Optimization




Michael Ratcliffe’s (m.ratcliffe) project, Adapted Greenhouse, is our leader this week with the most project updates, and in his latest update he covers how his nutrient doser is able to self optimizing. The system will use a feedback-style method for the optimization, and Michael says that this will not be very hard to achieve using a control loop in his code. Head over to his blog to check out not only his update on the nutrient doser, but the other few updates he posted this week.


That’s it for this week’s Design Challenge Summary. I will be back in a week with another weekly summary. If you have not yet checked them out, check out my Halloween Projects, and my Design Challenge Project Summary Series by heading over to my content page!


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Check back next Monday for another weekly Design Challenge Summary, until then remember to Hack The World and Make Awesome!