The past seven days have been a little slow for the majority of the projects in the Vertical Farming Design Challenge, and only a few projects have made progress. I completely understand though, and I have failed to update both of my projects in the last few days myself. I have made a ton of progress, but I have just not had enough time to finish writing the post up and editing the videos for them. Fortunately, the three projects that were updates, were updated a few times each, and each post showcased substantial progress. So let’s jump in and take a look at my favorite update from each of the three!



Vertical Farming Design Challenge



In the past seven days we have seen seven updates posted across three of the challenge’s projects.


Project: Vertical Hyperponic Farm by James O’Donnel (jamesod)

Project: Modular Farm by José Marques (jmbranco76)

Project: Adapted Greenhouse by Michael Ratcliffe (m.ratcliffe)



Vertical Hydroponics - Blog 7: Design Changes and Final(ish) Schematic




James O’Donnel’s (jamesod) project,  Adapted Greenhouse has made a major leap forward with the finalization of the projects electrical system layout. James made the decision to move forward with an Arduino as his main sensor interface, and to have it send the sensor data to the EZR32WG via UART.  Jame says that “ there are eight relay outputs controlling 3 lights, 3 heaters, and 2 pumps. There are 4 temperature sensors, one water level sensor, 3 light sensors, and one current sensor. This solution will provide feedback for 6 of the outputs and measurement of total power used.”



Modular Farm Blog: Post 11 - Automatic Nutrient Dispenser Part III



José Marques’ (jmbranco76) project, Modular Farm, finally jumped back into the game this week with a return to developing the automatic nutrient dispenser. José built a partial dispenser, and demonstrated it in the video above. The demo dispenser features only one reservoir and simulates the measurement of water and one nutrient using the a magnetic-based soluion to obtain high resolution level detector readings.



Automated Green House Blog:8.1 -  Water Usage [LCD and Uno]





Michael Ratcliffe’s (m.ratcliffe) project, Adapted Greenhouse is continuing to push forward with a few new updates in the last seven days. Michael was able to get his water meter up and running while displaying its data on a character LDC using an Arduino Uno. Like always, Michael has provided all of the code you will need to replicate this portion of the project yourself.



That’s it for this week’s Design Challenge Summary. I will be back in a week with another weekly summary. If you have not yet checked them out, check out my Halloween Projects, and my Design Challenge Project Summary Series by heading over to my content page!



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Check back next Monday for another weekly Design Challenge Summary, until then remember to Hack The World and Make Awesome!