The past seven days have been a little slow for the majority of the projects in the Vertical Farming Design Challenge, but thankfully, Element14 has decided to extend the challenge by another month. The contestants were urged to begin sprouting their seeds in order to finish the challenge so that they have a month to grow. I have been sick over the last few days, so please forgive the tardiness of this post and updates to my projects.


Vertical Farming Design Challenge


In the past seven days we have seen three updates posted across three of the challenge’s projects. Since we only had three updates this week, I am going to chose my favorite two and highlight them below.


Project: Vertical Hyperponic Farm by James O’Donnel (jamesod)

Project: Ambient Growth by John Henderson (sftwrngnr)

Project: Adapted Greenhouse by Michael Ratcliffe (m.ratcliffe)



Vertical Hydroponics - Blog 10: Starting Seeds




James O’Donnel’s (jamesod) project, Adapted Greenhouse now has living plants in his system. This past week, he began the seed germination process using rockwool as the germination substrate. He noted that he soaks the rockwool for 12-hours minimum to lower the substrates PH. This also helps remove any loose particles that could clog up the hydroponic system later on. While the seeds are germinating, James will be working on the code for the EZR32WGEZR32WG and SCADA system.



Automated Green  Blog:25 - Growing: Planting Seeds and Experimentation



Michael Ratcliffe’s (m.ratcliffe) project, Adapted Greenhouse is also moving forward with his project by getting his seeds germinating. He is doing a side by side comparison with rockwool substrates that were soaked in different solutions. Michael says that he will follow up in a week to show which solution promoted germination the best.


That’s it for this week’s Design Challenge Summary. I will be back in a week with another weekly summary. If you have not yet checked them out, check out my Halloween Projects, and my Design Challenge Project Summary Series by heading over to my content page!



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Check back next week for another weekly Design Challenge Summary, until then remember to Hack The World and Make Awesome!