Welcome to another installment in the Design Challenge Weekly Summary series here at Element14! It’s week eleven of the Safe and Sound Wearables Design Challenge and this week also marks the seventh week of the Upcycle It Design Challenge. Project updates were a little on the light side this week in the Safe and Sound challenge, while the participants in the UpCycle It challenge produced a stellar thirteen updates across several projects. Additionally, Element14 announced that it has extended the deadline for project submissions for the Safe and Sound challenge to 9AM (GMT) on 26th June 2017. So as you can tell, a lot has happened in the past week, so let's just jump right into it.



Safe & Sound Design Challenge


Featured as the first design challenge of 2017, the Safe & Sound Wearables challenge tasks its participants to conceive and build a 'safe and sound’ wearable that protects a person from personal and environmental risks, or monitors personal health or protects personal property from theft.




The Official Kit, and The Prizes


Texas-Instruments-logo-design.png                        DJI_Innovations_logo.svg.png


On February 14th 2017 Element14 announced the list of the official 15 challengers picked to participate in the challenge, and those 15 challengers received a kit of components to use in their design which was sponsored by Texas Instruments. Each kit contains the following items:


Participation in this challenge is not limited to the sponsored challengers however. Anyone can enter, and all they have to do is Design with TI - integrating Texas Instruments’ latest microcontroller (MSP-EXP432P401R) MSP-EXP432P401R LaunchPadMSP-EXP432P401R LaunchPad into a wearable that is Safe & Sound.



The Past Week In Review


In the past week, April 23 - April 29, we have had a total of two updates posted across two individual projects. With such few project updates this week, I am going to highlight both projects that received updates. Before we get to that, let's take a quick look at which projects were updated in the past seven days. 



This Week’s Top Updates


    • Winter/Cold Weather Survival Suit Blog#9



This week Dale Winhold (dwinhold) fills our first spot with his work on waterproofing the electronics of project Winter Survival Suit. In this update, Dale attempted to waterproof an Arduino using an acrylic-based conformal coating spray. For those who are unfamiliar, a conformal coating is a plastic, rubber, or silicone based coating that can be brushed, sprayed, or applied to an electronic board by a dipping method, and once cured, will add a water-tight layer to the board that in theory should prevent electrical shorts if the board comes in contact with any moisture. Find out if the conformal coating was a success, and if the Arduino survived by watching the final video at the link above!



    • T-Shirt for Monitoring Elderly and Physically Challenged Patients #8 : Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice....




Sakthivigneshwar R (sakthi.1260) is back for his third feature in as many weeks with his project, T-Shirt for Monitoring Elderly and Physically Challenged Patients. This week he began the assembly of the T-Shirt prototype by beginning to adding the sensors to the T-shirt, and making modifications to the pulse sensor. “I've made a change with the pulse sensor, I'm currently using a one based on MAX30100MAX30100, though its an obsolete product I found it to be simple and also capable of giving SpO2 Level too,” he said. Head over to the link above for the full rundown, and to see how the t-shirt turned out.



Upcycle It Design Challenge


About The Challenge


Featured as the second design challenge of 2017, the Upcycle It design challenge tasks its participants to upcycle an obsolete item, computer, piece of electronic equipment or appliance and make a cool new electronics project built around the Intel® Edison Kit for Arduino.



The Official Kit, and The Prizes


Challengers will build their projects using an official assortment of parts from Arduino, Intel, and Element14. Each kit contains the following items:


The Upcycle it Design Challenge features 15 official challengers that received a Challenger Kit for FREE, but thereafter anyone can join the Challenge simply by posting in the Upcycle it space (tagging their blogs 'upcycle it') to be in with a chance to win prizes. Anyone completing a project by the June 4th deadline and posting at least 10 times on the Community detailing their project build will be in the running to win some awesome prizes, including a Keithley  DMM7510 Digital MultimeterKeithley  DMM7510 Digital Multimeter worth almost $4,000.


*The official Challengers must build their project in accordance with the challenge's terms and conditions. All projects must include the Intel® Edison.

The Past Week In Review


In the past week, April 23 - April 29, we have had a total of sixteen updates posted across ten projects. With so many projects this week I will be highlighting three that I found helpful, educational, or just interesting in general. Before we get to this week’s highlighted post,let's take a quick look at which projects were updated in the past seven days. 


This Week’s Top Updates


    • Interactive Race Car Driver - Furby Hacking



Image Credit: Kelly Heaton


Furby’s are one of the coolest and creepiest consumer toys that has been released in the last two decades, and Andy Clark (Workshopshed) has shared his autopsy of one of the creepy little mechatronic creatures in his latest update to project Interactive Race Car Driver. If any of the current, or future challengers are wondering how to structure their project, Andy has done an excellent job with this project. His post are informative, and filled with information, as well as research sources, something that I absolutely love seeing! I must say though, I am a little envious of Andy, as I would love to get my hands on one of these little guys to hack on a bit. Before losing my home to a fire in 2012, I had been collecting Furby’s with the intent of hacking them to small X-Mod RC Cars and trying to make them swarm when near each other. Unfortunately that project died with the rest of my lab in the fire. I may return to it someday still though. Head over to the link above for Andy’s full autopsy of a Furby!



    • Reading out the weather using eSpeak




If you follow my YouTube channel, you know that I love adding voice feedback and speech recognition to my projects, and this week, Carmelito Andrade (carmelito) has done the same to project Upcycled Clock. "As part of this blog post, we am going to set up eSpeak on the Intel Edison and have it read out today's weather condition via a speaker connected to the USB port of Edison Arduino breakout,” he said. “eSpeak is a compact open source software speech synthesizer for English and other languages, for Linux and Windows and it runs perfectly on Yacto linux.” The end result turned out well, and I recommend heading to the update at the link above to watch the demo video that Carmelito posted.



    • Nixie Display #7 - Interface PCBs




My final project update highlight for this week comes from Gerrit Polder’s (gpolder) project, Nixie Display. With the arrival of his custom PCB’s Gerrit got started with the assembly process, and finished up with a teaser photo of the board installed into his project. Follow along at the first link above to check out the full build, and more information on the PCBs. Gerrit has offered to share a few boards to another challenger if they have a need for them as well.



That is going to wrap up things for this week. Remember to check back next week for another Design Challenge Weekly Summary post. Until then head over to the official Safe & Sound Wearables Challenge Page, as well as the Upcycle It Challenge’s landing page fore more Design Challenge content! As always, remember to hack the world and make awesome!