Welcome to another installment in the Design Challenge Weekly Summary series here at Element14! It’s week eighteen of the Safe and Sound Wearables Design Challenge which means we have about a week before the project deadline. We had four update post this week, so let's just jump into it!


Safe & Sound Design Challenge


Featured as the first design challenge of 2017, the Safe & Sound Wearables challenge tasks its participants to conceive and build a 'safe and sound’ wearable that protects a person from personal and environmental risks, or monitors personal health or protects personal property from theft.



The Official Kit, and The Prizes


Texas-Instruments-logo-design.png                        DJI_Innovations_logo.svg.png


On February 14th 2017 Element14 announced the list of the official 15 challengers picked to participate in the challenge, and those 15 challengers received a kit of components to use in their design which was sponsored by Texas Instruments. Each kit contains the following items:


Participation in this challenge is not limited to the sponsored challengers however. Anyone can enter, and all they have to do is Design with TI - integrating Texas Instruments’ latest microcontroller (MSP-EXP432P401R) MSP-EXP432P401R LaunchPadMSP-EXP432P401R LaunchPad into a wearable that is Safe & Sound.



The Past Week In Review


In the past week, June 11 - June 17, we have had a total of four updates posted across three projects. Since only three projects were updated, I will select two and highlight them briefly below, but first let's take a quick look at what projects were updated in the past seven days.



This Week’s Top Updates


    • Trackable Safety Helmet for Miners #11: Smart Helmet V0.1





In his eleventh update, Mehmet Bozdal (mbozdal) demo’s his trackable safety helmet for miners.“Let's summarise what have done up to now I am using TI-RTOS I stack the Wi-Fi booster pack to MSP432 Connect ADXL345 accelerometer and TMP102 using I2C interface Detect free-fall inactivity and send all the data to Ground Operations Center over Wi-Fi using TCP/IP protocol I coded Ground Operations Center using C and it still needs some modifications  DLP-7970ABPDLP-7970ABP boosterpack is connected to Ground Operations Center via UART interface It controls the gate and doesn't allow unauthorised access and access without the helmet he said. “In this week, I added a buzzer and pressure sensor. The buzzer is driven by PWM and pressure sensor is read using the analogue input. For pressure, I have used FSR 402 Interlink Electronics. Actually, it is force sensing resistor. It is resistance changes based on the applied force and it is not sensitive but it shows the idea.” The full source code can be found in this update at the link above.



    • Winter Survival Suit Post #12




Dispite waging a battle against the flu, Dale Winhold (dwinhold) has managed to provide us with the 12th update to his project, Winter Survival Suit. This week he worked on wiring in the heaters that will help maintain a safe body temperature, and also managed to address some concerns as to moisture issues that could wreak havoc on the suits electronics. “One of the biggest concerns of mine as well as others is moisture. I have solved this issue with the electronics, I am using a conformal coating to waterproof all electronics and wiring (this is shown in a previous blog),” he said. “I have been testing the heating elements (Made from carbon fiber) to see what happens if they get wet from moisture. There isn't any effect to the element if it gets a bit damp from moisture, no shorting or over heating. Now the element heats up from the positive being hooked to 1 end and the negative hooked to the other. I haven't tested to see what happens if the element gets soaked in water as of yet.”



That is going to wrap up things for this week. Remember to check back next week for another Design Challenge Weekly Summary post. Until then head over to the official Safe & Sound Wearables Challenge Page, fore more Design Challenge content! As always, remember to hack the world and make awesome!