Welcome to another installment in the Design Challenge Weekly Summary series here at Element14! It’s week Nineteen of the Safe and Sound Wearables Design Challenge which means we have came to the end of this challenge. Additionally, the winners of the Upcycle It Challenge have been announced. I decided to wait an extra week to finish up my coverage of the first two design challenges of this year so that I could cover any projects that finished up shortly after the deadline, so we have a lot to cover so let's just jump into it!



Safe & Sound Design Challenge


Featured as the first design challenge of 2017, the Safe & Sound Wearables challenge tasks its participants to conceive and build a 'safe and sound’ wearable that protects a person from personal and environmental risks, or monitors personal health or protects personal property from theft.



The Official Kit, and The Prizes


Texas-Instruments-logo-design.png                        DJI_Innovations_logo.svg.png


On February 14th 2017 Element14 announced the list of the official 15 challengers picked to participate in the challenge, and those 15 challengers received a kit of components to use in their design which was sponsored by Texas Instruments. Each kit contains the following items:


Participation in this challenge is not limited to the sponsored challengers however. Anyone can enter, and all they have to do is Design with TI - integrating Texas Instruments’ latest microcontroller (MSP-EXP432P401R) MSP-EXP432P401R LaunchPadMSP-EXP432P401R LaunchPad into a wearable that is Safe & Sound.



The Past Week In Review


In the past two weeks, June 18 - June 30, we have had a total of five updates posted across three projects. With this being my final weekly update that covers the Safe and Sound Wearables Challenge, I will highlight each project that received an update for this timeperiod.  





This Week’s Top Updates



    • Gas Sensor Demo - blog 21



In his 21st update to project Invisible Hazardous Environmental Factors Monitoring System Douglas Wong (dougw) demonstrates the alcohol sensor, the CO2 sensor and the UV sensors used in the wearable pack. Check out the video above to see the test results, and head over the full update to find out how well the sensor pack worked in the field when Douglas wore it to work to monitor the air quality throughout his workday.



    • Trackable Safety Helmet for Miners #12: Smart Helmet Video Demonstration



After moving components from the breadboard to a PCB, Mehmet Bozdal (mbozdal)attempted to find a methane sensor for his project, Trackable Safety Helmet for Miners but decided to exclude that element from the final design as gas sensors require a heating element, which could spark an explosion deep inside a mine. Nevertheless Mehmet pushed forward and posted an impressive demo video of the helmet in action. Check it out in the video above, and then head over to the full update post for to review his source code, and some other data.


    • Flood early-warning Alarm Pack #7: Capacity Touch Sensor




Flooding early-warning Alarm Pack by Feng Yao (fyaocn) earns the final spot in my featured updates list for this challenge. After being absent for a few weeks, Feng Yao is back and informed us of some issues that he was having with getting the capacitive sensor portion of his project up and running. In the end he did manage to get the capacitive sensors somewhat working, but he will change things up a little in the final design. Head over to his 7th, 8th, and 9th updates for more info.



Before I wrap things up I want to give a big congratulations to the winners of the Upcycyle It With Intel Edison Design Challenge! This challenge was one of my all time favorites, and it was filled with a wealth of information, and had record breaking participation almost every week of its run. I have listed the winners below, so be sure to check out their projects if you have not already!


    1. Grand Prize Winner - Project: Wake up to the Upcycled Clock By Carmelito Andrade (carmelito)
    2. Runner Up - Project: PDU Upcycle for Automation by Jason Wier (jasonwier92)
    3. Third Place - Project: Nixie Display by Gerrit Polder (gpolder)



That is going to wrap up my coverage of both the Safe & Sound Wearables Design Challenge and the Upcycle It Design Challenge. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for our next design challenge and my weekly update series! Until then, you can find me hanging out in the Arduino Projects section as I will be posting a series of projects over the summer and possibly into the fall, and as always, remember to hack the world and make awesome!