With another year behind us, we are once again at the beginning of a new design challenge season here at Element14. With week one in the books it’s time for our first Design Challenge Weekly Summary of the 2018 season! Before we get started with that though, I want to take a moment and fill you in on the details of our first design challenge of 2018.  Called the Pi Chef Design Challenge, this challenge is centered around the Raspberry Pi SBC,as the main ingredient to improve and expand their creativity in the kitchen. We had an amazing set of design challenges in 2017, and I am sure that 2018 will be no exception! So let's jump right in and find out what this challenge is all about.



Pi Chef Design Challenge


About The Challenge


Featured as the first design challenge of 2018, the Pi Chef Design Challenge opened for project idea submissions in October of 2017, which was met with many submissions from community members. As I mentioned earlier, the challenge is based around the Raspberry Pi 3 Model BRaspberry Pi 3 Model B SBC. Challengers have eleven weeks to develop their project, and share their progress in a series of weekly update post. By posting a minimum of ten update post, challengers become eligible to win several awesome prizes, and the chance to become one of our prestigious design challenge winners.



Entering the challenge is not limited to just the ten chosen community members though,  anyone can join the Challenge as a non-sponsored Challenger. Here's how: Simply get buy  a Raspberry Pi 3 model B and integrate it into your project, as well as post 10 blogs chronicling your project’s progress into  the Pi Chef Design Challenge space (tagging your blogs 'IoT on Wheels'). All Challengers must build their projects in accordance with the Challenge's terms and conditions, and all projects must include the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.



The Official Kit, and The Prizes


On January 10, 2018 Element14 announced the 15 community members that were picked to participate in this challenge, and those challengers received a kit of sponsored components to use in their design which was based around the Raspberry Pi 3. If you would like to purchase the official kit, click here.


Each kit contains the following items:

To learn more about each of these components or to purchase them to use in your own project, visit the official kit announcement at the links above.


Each challenger is competing to win one of three prize packs that feature the following prizes:


Grand Prize

        • Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine
        • $1500 USD Newark element14 / Premier Farnell Cart

Runner Up

        • Whynter Ice-Cream Maker
        • $750 USD Newark element14 / Premier Farnell Cart

Third Place

        • Breville Tea Maker
        • $500 USD Newark element14 / Premier Farnell Cart



A finisher who has completed their project, used the Raspberry Pi, posted 10+ updates in the Pi Chef space and adhered to the requirements in the Terms and Conditions will receive a mystery package of element14/Premier Farnell products valued at $65 USD.



The Past Week In Review



Over the past 7 days, January 14th - January 20th, we have had a total of eleven updates posted across nine projects. That is a pretty nice number for week one, so let's take a look at which projects were updated this week!




This Week’s Top Updates


Project: Smart Range Hood - Pi Chef Challenge Blog post #1



I always love projects that include integration into a homes infrastructure, and that is just what James O'Gorman (aspork42) is seeing to do with his project, Smart Range Hood. In his first update he informs us that he has been remodeling his kitchen for the past year, and that the only thing left before the remodel is complete is the installation of a range hood above the cook top. Normally any old range hood would do, but that is not the case with James. He plans to build a smart range hood that features environmental conditions monitoring, touch screens, and internet connectivity. I can see a ton of potential in this project, and I hope we see it progress quickly over the coming weeks. To find out more about the project, head over to the link above.



Project: The Cooker Connector - Pi Chef Challenge Blog #1: Overview



As an avid BBQ / Meat Smoking Enthusiast this next project is close to my heart, and similar to projects I have built in the past. Jonathan Schooler’s (jschools) project, The Cooker Connector, could end up being the cooking thermometer to rule all other cooking thermometers. In his first update, Jonathan explains why he wants to build the ultimate food temperature monitoring system, and the different systems that he will need to create to successfully execute his plan. Head over to the link above for the full rundown.



Project: Cracked pepper sir? Pi Chef Challenge Blog post #2 - Voice recognition



What week one Design Challenge Summary is complete without featuring an update that showcases the official challenger kit? Normally I would have said that it was a necessity, and it would have been why I chose the second update to project Cracked Pepper Sir, but within this same post, Adrian Blackburn (crackedpepper) also included an update on some actual progress that has been made on the voice control portion of his project. He first tried integrating Amazon Alexa, but decided to give Google Home Assistant a try after running into limitations with the way Amazon allows custom code to be ran through the virtual assistant. Google Assistant seemed to work better, and you can find out more about that at the link above.




That is going to wrap up this weekly summary of the Pi Chef Design Challenge. Remember to check back each and every week for the duration of this challenge for a summary post from the previous week’s updates. If you would like to learn more about this challenge, and to see what progress has already been made, head over to the its official challenge page, and as always, remember to hack the world and make awesome!


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