Another week has passed for the challengers of the Pi Chef Design Challenge, bringing us up to week four! The number of updates posted was a little slack in comparison to previous weeks, but the updates that were posted were pretty cool. I’m going to talk more about them in just a little bit, but before I get started, let's take a moment to learn more about this challenge, and what our challengers are competing for.



Pi Chef Design Challenge


About The Challenge


Featured as the first design challenge of 2018, the Pi Chef Design Challenge opened for project idea submissions in October of 2017, which was met with many submissions from community members. As I mentioned earlier, the challenge is based around the Raspberry Pi 3 Model BRaspberry Pi 3 Model B SBC. Challengers have eleven weeks to develop their project, and share their progress in a series of weekly update post. By posting a minimum of ten update post, challengers become eligible to win several awesome prizes, and the chance to become one of our prestigious design challenge winners.



Entering the challenge is not limited to just the ten chosen community members though,  anyone can join the Challenge as a non-sponsored Challenger. Here's how: Simply get buy  a Raspberry Pi 3 model B and integrate it into your project, as well as post 10 blogs chronicling your project’s progress into  the Pi Chef Design Challenge space (tagging your blogs 'IoT on Wheels'). All Challengers must build their projects in accordance with the Challenge's terms and conditions, and all projects must include the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.



The Official Kit, and The Prizes


On January 10, 2018 Element14 announced the 15 community members that were picked to participate in this challenge, and those challengers received a kit of sponsored components to use in their design which was based around the Raspberry Pi 3. If you would like to purchase the official kit, click here.


Each kit contains the following items:


To learn more about each of these components or to purchase them to use in your own project, visit the official kit announcement at the links above.

Each challenger is competing to win one of three prize packs that feature the following prizes:


Grand Prize

        • Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine
        • $1500 USD Newark element14 / Premier Farnell Cart

Runner Up

        • Whynter Ice-Cream Maker
        • $750 USD Newark element14 / Premier Farnell Cart

Third Place

        • Breville Tea Maker
        • $500 USD Newark element14 / Premier Farnell Cart


A finisher who has completed their project, used the Raspberry Pi, posted 10+ updates in the Pi Chef space and adhered to the requirements in the Terms and Conditions will receive a mystery package of element14/Premier Farnell products valued at $65 USD.



The Past Week In Review


Over the past 7 days, February 4th - February 10th, we have had a total of six updates posted across six projects. That’s about half of what we have seen in previous weeks, but take a look at which projects were updated this week!




This Week’s Top Updates


Project: Smart Range Hood - Pi Chef Challenge Blog #3 - Mechanical design complete!


Everyone knows how much I enjoy seeing very detailed update blogs, and I love them even more when their authors include insight into their design process. This week I chose project Smart Range Hood as my first featured update for these very reasons. Not only did James O'Gorman (aspork42) shoot a video detailing what parts he was reusing from a donor range hood, he also included a video showing us how he designed the new range hood in Autodesk Inventor. But wait, there’s more! He also linked two two tutorials that further explained some of the methods he’s using to design the range hood, and to top things off he included some 3-view technical drawings along with uploading the files for us to check out at home. This is truly an amazing blog post, so make sure that you do not miss reading the full update blog.



Project: Cracked Pepper Sir - Pi Chef Challenge Blog #4 - Playing and planning


Our next featured update comes from project Cracked Pepper Sir by Adrian Blackburn (crackedpepper). While this update is not as information rich as our first featured update, it’s still full of useful knowledge. While waiting to borrow a 3D Printer, Adrian got to work playing around with the Raspberry Pi 3, and a servo, culminating in a custom class in python to more easily control the servo once he has 3D printed a robotic arm to use in the project. Head over to the full blog to check out that class, as well as the math he used for the calculations.



Project: The Spice of Pi - Blog #4 - The Drive Mechanics



It just occurred to me that not too many weeks of my life go by without me writing about, or reading something that Douglas Wong (dougw)has written, and that has been a constant in my life for the past few years now. I wanted to feature Doug’s fourth update to his project, The Spice of Pi. As with many of his project updates, he posted a video detailing the design of the spice rack, and also shared the mechanical components he plans on using including a servo, and some timing pulley hardware. This was another one of those moments for me where something in a design challenge parallels something's going on in my word at that very moment as I too have been 3D printing timing belt pulleys, and working on a design that will be spun by a servo. Head over to the link above to learn more about the mechanicals Doug will be using, and check out his content history for more awesomeness!



That is going to wrap up this weekly summary of the Pi Chef Design Challenge. Remember to check back each and every week for the duration of this challenge for a summary post from the previous week’s updates. If you would like to learn more about this challenge, and to see what progress has already been made, head over to the its official challenge page, and if you would like to follow what I am up to these days, follow me on Instagram I will see you next week, and as always, remember to hack the world and make awesome!


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