Hello everyone, and welcome back to another weekly design challenge summary. It’s the sixth week of the Sixth Sense Design Challenge. Some progress has been made over the past week, but before we get to the good stuff, let’s take a few moments to learn more about the challenge, its challengers, and what hardware they will be using.


Sixth Sense Design Challenge


About The Challenge


Featured as the final Design Challenge of 2018, this challenge task its participants with upgrading an existing robotic device such as a drone, remote control car, or any other remotely operated robot to give it a so-called sixth sense. This could include adding a fire suppression system to an RC helicopter, thermal imaging to a rescue robot, or any other feature that improves on the effectiveness of its host robot. While ten project proposals were chosen to be the official projects of the challenge, entering the challenge is not limited to just those sixteen community members. Anyone can join the Challenge as a non-sponsored Challenger, and still be eligible win one of the three prizes. If you are a non-sponsored challenger all you need to do is integrate the components from the official challenger kit into your design, and post 10-weekly blogs detailing your project’s build.


The Official Kit


The Sixth Sense Design Challenge is sponsored by STMicroelectronics, and TE Connectivity. Each challenger will receive all of the components below plus a wide assortment of additional passive, and digital components to build their projects with. If you would like to enter the challenge for yourself, or if you just want to follow along at home, you can purchase all of the components in the kit right here at Element14.


From STMicroelectronics


From TE Connectivity


To learn more about each of these components as well as the other components included in the kit, visit the official kit announcement page or click the links above to purchase them for your project.


The Prizes


    • Grand Prize:Lulzbot Taz 6 3D PrinterLulzbot Taz 6 3D Printer
    • Runner Up Prize:Lulzbot Mini 2Lulzbot Mini 2
    • Finisher Prize:  It’s a surprise! To be eligible, a challenger has to complete their project, use products from the challenger kit, and post at least 10 updates in the Sixth Sense Design Challenge space.


The Past Week In Review


Over the past several days, January 27th - February 2nd, we have had a total of five updates posted across four projects project. I have chosen my three favorite updates and will be highlighting them below.



This Week’s Top Updates


Project: Sniffer Bot- Sixth Sense Design Challenge Blog  #1 - Introduction



This week we got our first look at Project Sniffer Bot by Udhay M. After identifying a problem with plastic waste pollution in his area, Udhay decided to come up with a plan to help clean up the waste and improve his city’s air quality in the process. The issue is that instead of picking up the plastic waste that litters the fields near his home, the officials would simply set fire to the fields, thus burning the plastic waste. This caused terrible air pollution and affected the respiratory health of those near the burning fields. Using an STNucleo Board, Uday plans to build a robot that will sniff out plastic waste, they will remove and dispose of that waste property, which he hopes will reduce the number of field burnings in his area. His full plan can be found at the link above.



Project: GraffitiBot - Sixth Sense Design Challenge Blog  #7 - ST Sensor Tile App



Douglas Wong is back again this week another update to project GraffitiBot, and while waiting on some components to arrive for his load cell interface PCBs, he got started familiarizing himself with the ST Sensor Tile App. He demos the app and the Sensor Tile board in an 8-minute video that really shows off the potential of this app and hardware combo. Douglas also listed several helpful links that will help readers get started with the ST Sensor Tile setup. He also linked to a helpful webinar that STMicroelectronics held to help familiarize the public with the setup as well. When you finish with the video above, click the like to check out the rest of these helpful resources that Douglas has compiled.



Project: UAV Inspection System- Sixth Sense Design Challenge Blog  #5 - Computer Vision and Sensors



Wrapping things up this week is project UAV Inspection System by the UAV Research & Design Group. Since the group’s last post they say that they have gotten the drone assembled, and have made some headway in sensor integration. Mainly focusing on detecting cracks in piping, the group has identified a couple of different cases where a multitude of sensors will be needed to detect various types of cracks and to identify what those cracks may be leaking. In this post they mention their theory of using computer vision and IR temperature sensors based around a known set of conditions. For the full rundown follow the link above.



That is going to wrap up this weeks coverage of the Sixth Sense Challenge. The past few weeks have been pretty slow with updates, but I expect that to change now that the holiday season is over. Check back soon for another weekly design challenge summary. If you would like to learn more about this challenge or to see what progress has already been made, head over to its official challenge page (https://www.element14.com/community/community/design-challenges/sixth-sense-design-challenge) I'll be back next week for another installment of the Design Challenge Weekly Summary series here at Element14.