Microcontrollers can be complicated, to be honest, understanding how a microcontroller works is critical to a perfect system level design. In addition, understanding the IPs and how a microcontroller can best fit into your application in order to maximize its potential sometimes might get really complicated and hard to solve by yourself. However, using an NXP microcontroller or processor is a different story. Today I am going to introduce different ways that NXP is trying to better support customers and users to design more smoothly.


NXP website for general product selection and new product peek

The broadest official documentation and software download pool: www.nxp.com

NXP's microcontroller and processor portfolio is making things really different. The cortex-M and Cortex-A cores provides high compatibility. While NXP also provides multiple reference designs and sample codes to help you get started from both hardware and software level. For nearly each microcontroller and processor family, NXP designs and provides unique development board to help user get familiar quickly. All these efforts enable users to get to know the product even though it is their first time using NXP's products.

To get the most up-to-date information about NXP's new product and the development board, reference design and latest customized software to fit your design best, you can simplly do some click and search on the official website and you will find the latest information that you need.



NXP community for direct technical support from global audience

The most efficient way to get help from NXP global experts: community.nxp.com

NXP runs its own community that is different from here. The NXP community is a place for users from around the world to seek help and get answer from NXP's experts. No matter what your question is, there are always NXP engineers and experts who will try their best to reply and solve your needs in time. The community is supported by NXP's experts 24hours globally so you won't worry about the time. If you are interested in finding what other people are asking, you may also brouse as a visitor, who knows you might get your confusion to be cleared in the meantime!




NXP MCU China Community (co-managed with EEFocus) for technical supports in Mandarin

Completely local, Mandarin, exclusive Mandarine tech materials from NXP experts: www.nxpic.org

NXP community sometimes provides materials in diverted languages aside from English, but not so much as it needs to serve best for international quests. This China Community under EEFocus.com is a platform that best suites users who do not speak English or those who wants more localized help. The China Community is also professional since NXP engineers from China regularly supports. The site is totally in Chinese so that Mandarin speakers can express and get answered with better understanding. Besides the technical support function, this China Community is also established as a stand alone website where you can find Mandarin marketing and technical materials. And some of the Mandarin application notes and develop exerience, selection guide from NXP's experts are nowhere to be downloaded aside from here.