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Design Challenges

1 Post authored by: amgalbu Top Member

After transmitter configuration, I installed the APM Planner application, available for download here

Before proceeding, it's important to added an exception to Windows Firewall to allow inbound UDP packets sent on port 14550.

I connected the battery to the TrainingSphere and I was able to see realtime telemetry, as shown in the video. A side note: for some reason I had no time to investigate,  the "-A" option of the ArduCopter command is not able to resolve a computer name. For this reason, I configured my PC to have a static IP address



I performed the required calibration steps required, namely

  1. compass calibration
  2. accelerometer calibration
  3. ESC calibration
  4. Radio calibration

All these step are clearly described in the this Youtube playlist


Before proceeding, one further step is required: disable prearming checks, because the Raspberry+Navio platform fail to return a correct internal voltage value. This causes the APM not to arm the motors. Despite there is a tutorial about this on the website, the only way I found to set this parameter is to search for it in the full parameters list



Another parameter I had to change in the full parameters list is the frame type. I searched the source code for the FRAME_COAX definition, and I found out the correct value is 9, so I change the FRAME parameter to 9


Frame type.png


Now I am able to fire up for the first time the TrainingSphere