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Design Challenges

1 Post authored by: spannerspencer

Year-in-Review-2015-header.pngDESIGN CHALLENGE ENTRIES

Hundreds of you said your piece during the 2015 Community Awards about which were your favourite Design Challenges of the year, and that info is going to be put to very good use in creating brand new programs to stimulate and excite.

As we reflect on the year behind us, however, we wanted to shine the spotlight on the actual applications and projects that you, our beloved members, submitted to 2015's awesome array of Design Challenges.

So in no particular order, here are some of those inspired and sensational contraptions you guys have put together. And don't forget to tell us your favourites in the comments section below.

[Firecracker Analyzer] Challenge Summary and Future Work

by ipv1

As part of our In the Air Design Challenge, Inderpreet took a look at air pollution from a different angle; inside.


Sci Fi Your Pi - QuadCopter

by screamingtiger

Drones are cool. But making your own is even cooler, especially when it was inspired by the machines of SkyNet!

Enchanted Objects - Enchanted Clock

by dwinhold

It's not a mirror on Dale's wall that performs the magic, but a handmade clock. Talk to it, and the clock takes control of all kinds of crazy things.

Enchanted Clock.jpg

[real_time_monitor] Real Time Player Monitoring System

by ravi_butani

This real-time sports player monitoring system sends an entire team's vital statistics back to a monitoring station (even a smartphone) via Wi-Fi.


Sci Fi Your Pi - PiDesk

by fvan

I spend a lot of time at a desk, so kitting one out with future tech and a delicious Tron theme is the perfect way to brighten up any office! Line ends.

Vertical Farming - Automated Green House

by m.ratcliffe

The title says it all in Michael's entry to the Vertical Farming Challenge, in which he build a greenhouse full of plants that looks after itself.




Enchanted Objects  - Espresso Ex Machina

by nikil511

There are lots of reasons to love this one, not least of them being that few of us would argue that coffee is the most important part of any morning. But I just love that it's a coffee machine that makes use of the JAVA programming language!


In-the-Air-Challenge: AirSchool Project Summary

by janisalnis

This air quality monitoring project bundles an impressive number of sensors into one box, and even added a STEM angle by giving it a classroom application.


Enchanted Objects - The Enchanted Turntable

by jancumps

I do love me some retro, but what's particularly enticing about Jan's project is that it proves no tech is ever obsolete for element14 members!

TrainingSphere - Sci-Fi Your Pi

by amgalbu

Given the movie that just around the corner (Star Trek, or something? (Just kidding)), Ambrogio's entry in Sci-Fi Your Pi that attempts to recreate the Jedi training remote is just too delish to leave out of our 2015 highlights.