I' was working on testing of my wearable design and in the process of testing I've broke my key component in the project - the heartbeat sensor. One of the LED legs lost contact,


Recovery Attempt


I've tried to solder the led leg back, but I was not able to fix it.


Logistics Challenge


This sensor was sourced from China. I have still an outstanding order from the beginning of February for a similar sensor. it was no possible for me to get a replacement part in time to finish this challenge.


New Hopes


As challenge was extended I've try to come up with an alternative design. I have several green LEDs and photo resistors.So I put together for a quick test.

But the resulting signal contained to much noise, so I was not able to detect any heartbeat from its signal.

And this is what I was getting with the real heartbeat sensor while it was working.,

So the alternative design is too simplistic and is not a viable option.



Some lessons learned from it:

  • The mechanical side of wearable design is very important. It should withstand wear and tear.
  • There is no simple replacements for a quality sensor.