While we wait for the kit to arrive, there is no time to waste. There is so much to do and very little time. Here is my project and what I plan to complete.



Introducing the "Seeing EyeDuino"


The Seeing EyeDuino will be a robotic Seeing Eye dog. A robot that will guide the seeing impaired around obstacles and danger. The user will be able to control the speed through the hand harness attached to the robot. When there is danger the robot will emit a specific sound correlated with that danger to alert the user. There will be different sound emitted for different dangers, like steps, sidewalk holes and others. I will also try to create a touch pad that will send this information in braille as well. Below are sketches showing my proof of concept. The Seeing EyeDuino will be able to guide you around and keep you safe when all of my ideas come together in one project.




Proof of concept for the Seeing EyeDuino:


This will be an avoidance robot that will scan forward, sideways, up, down and reverse for danger. When it senses any obstacle it will alert the user and guide them around it safely. The user will have input through 3 buttons to control the Arduino. The user will have control over speed as well as the ability to override the robots movements.


Seeing EyeDuino



Proof of concept for the Braille finger pad:


As shown in the sketch below I am thinking of using magnets to produce the braille pad. When the letter in braille is required the electromagnet is turned on causing the magnet above to be pushed away. This will be pushed far enough for the user to feel the bumps on top and know what letter is being spelled. When turned off the magnet will return to the down position. I feel this concept will work and is my own idea. I search the internet for a braille finger pad and couldn't find anything available. The braille finger pad design may change as I get more into the project.



I hope you enjoyed reading my project plan and follow along with my (and all competitors) journey. As always, I am open to ideas or any help!!


Dale Winhold