Smart Voice synthesizer, visualizer and Home Automation System for Dumb & Deaf


Hello Everyone, It's great to be chosen for the Design for a Cause' Design Challenge, I am thankful to #Element14 Community, #Arduino, and the sponsors.

I am writing my first blog post to introduce my project that aims to solve the challenges faced by the people who are unable to speak


According to a Statistics, the number of deaf-dumb in the world is roughly calculated to be from 700,000 to 900,000," and of these 63 percent, are said to be born deaf, the others losing their hearing by different accidents. Communications between deaf dumb and a normal person have always been a challenging task. They use sign language for communicating with others, but they find difficulty in communicating with others who don’t understand sign language.


Introducing the Smart Voice synthesizer, visualizer


Smart Voice synthesizer, visualizer aims to lower the barrier in communication between the people who unable to speak and other people. The device act as an artificial tongue, also it has features that enable them to control home appliances. This can be achieved by developing a portable electronic device that acts as a smart assistant for Dumb & Deaf. Through this device, the disabled persons can convey their message through the voice synthesizer, which is defined as an impossible thing for them. Thus, the primary goal is to provide a standard lifestyle for deaf and dumb peoples as normal ones.


Proposed System:

The block Diagram of Smart Voice synthesizer, visualizer and Home Automation System for Dumb & Deaf

The system consists of the Smart Glove which captures the movement of hand gloves where the flex sensors are attached, and the value of sensor changes when its experiences the bending. After looking at the changing value of the output, the value gets recorded by the Arduino MKR100. Here the process gets starts.

The Arduino MKR100 gets different value from the sensor attached to it. Based on the gesture of the Smart Glove the corresponding Voice is synthesized. As an option, the corresponding text is also displayed on the OLED display attached to the Arduino. On the Mode change request, the home appliances connected to the system can be controlled through the smart gloves.


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Thanks for reading my project plan.