Seeing Eyeduino – Blog#2 “The chassis and more”


So according to the courier the kit should be arriving tomorrow, looking forward to that!!


This week’s update is the robot chassis.  Right now it is about 90% complete. I used 13mm (½”) plywood, brackets and springs for construction. I am pretty lucky to work in the cabinet industry and have access to the material and an awesome CNC machine. My boss, Randy, is great and is letting me have the use of the shop for this project as well as any material I require.


Pictures of the chassis and the building plans:




Some of the pieces cut:

Robot 1



Robot 2




The programming of the robot and braille machine has started. I haven’t gone too far with the programming as of yet, just enough for testing my ideas.



I have also been working on the braille machine. My design has changed as the electromagnet idea won’t work. I found that the electromagnets interfere with each other due to how close together they are. I have switched to servos to activate the pins. I have made a single pin mock-up which works well, now I have to create a 6 pin design.


Pictures of the updated plan:



I hope you liked the update, any questions, comments or suggestions are always welcome


Dale Winhold