Blowing-Whistle as Controller(BWaC) is based on Arduino MKR1000  Dev Board to control home appliance remotely. This is helpful to elders, slow in moving and difficult in precise touch controller like IR-remote or Mobile.

There are many types of home appliance included in this project, door lock, LEDs, Curtain Opener, ventilation fans, and water heater. That is, as many as parts in the sponsored kit shall be used. And one Room Model shall be design to accommodate all the parts.

2. How it Works

2.1 MKR1000 - SAMD21 Cortex-M0+ 32bit low power ARM MCU can detect the pitch-of-whistle by polling ADC signal from microphone and locate the spectrum with Fast Fourier Transformation. If the domain frequency matches the recorded value of your whistle, the servo is driven to open or close motors or LEDs.

All the control command shall be recorded and verified over the cloud service.

2.2 Whistle coding

It is difficult to control multi-parts at the same time, therefore proper coding shall be carefully designed. Make it both easy-to-use and info-rich.

But such skill is not new, or it has long history in cold war ages. This is one important parts of this project. As far as I can see, no previous attempt in simple control signal against complex targets.

If complete the project in time, the last blog would be free licence One-to-More Control Protocol, fully disclosed in element14 community.


3. Hardware

2.1 MKR1000 , 802.11b/g/n WiFi compatible.

2.2 ISD1802 Microphone extension board for catch the analogue signals of  whistle.

2.3 PIR Sensor to locate person near the door, servo motor, phototransistors, LED.


4. Software

4.1 Arduino 1.8.5

4.2 Pubnub


5 Challenges

5.1 With one fix-frequency whistle to send on-off signal to door-lock, LED lamps, and curtains motors. The code combination shall be carefully designed.

5.2 Safety. Special measures shall be taken to make unauthorized control even frequency character of the whistle is cracked or recorded.

There are two basic principles in safety design. The whistle shall be unique without duplication, and controller can integrated customized vocal mark to secure the control.

5.3 The proposed One-to-More Control Protocol shall include the-build-of-whistle, pairing-the-whistle, coding-combination, necessary-distort, frequency-analysis, license-rules