This past few days, I unboxed the MKR1000 and was able to get it to connect properly to my laptop and check it via the Arduino IDE.

LED blinking so that's a good start!


I uploaded a library I found to blink the LED for one second and then off for one second so it looks like a fade of light on then fade light off. Its actually pretty cool compared to the blinking LED.

It worked so I verified that I had the correct COM port, that libraries are able to be uploaded into the device and that it executed code properly on the MKR1000.


I have done quite a bit of research on how I will use the audio on the SD Card.

Whatever I create, I will have to make WAV files so I will have the files converted to this format.

Bit Resolution - 8 Bit

Sampling Rate - 16000 Hz

Audio Channel - Mono

PCM format - PCM unsigned 8-bit

I want these settings so they do not require hardly any space and coming out of a piezo speaker, I want to test how it sounds and see if I need to put an audio amplifier.


I have considered a device that has a built in head phone jack, volume control and it also has record, play and stop buttons on it.

When you have a headphone plugged in, the speaker is muted and when the headset is unplugged from the jack, the speaker is enabled.

I think being able to control volume is very important depending on the location that the device will be used.

Don't want it blaring in a quiet area like a library or not being able to be heard if the device is in a store where it can get noisy.

I will update further as I proceed on this part.


I recently ordered a 5" TFT LCD touchscreen and adapter to connect to the MKR1000 that will display the images.


Next is connecting the SD card TSX00004 SD Proto Shield.

I will do that within the next day or so and update you all on the progress.


This past week I also have been researching a GUI that will run on this Arduino device.

I am thinking C# or JavaScript code to create the interface so it has the following:

Option 1.

Have 4 buttons across the top with a different image in each

Have 1 large button across the bottom with a specific image


Option 2.

Have 1 large button on the left side of the screen

Have 4 buttons on the right side of the screen with a specific image.


If anyone knows of any GUI generators that work on an MKR1000 or have any suggestions, I would appreciate the feedback.


I will post another blog this coming week one what it will look like. I get the LCD on the 19th.

Thanks for reading this!

Rob Romero Jr