Well, I have been running some code to test reading from the SD card on the Proto Shield and it has not been working.

I tested two different codes to read the card reader and it isn't working.

I formatted the SD card with the downloaded program SD Card Formatter to the correct specs and still code doesn't recognize the card reader no matter what I try.

This is what I get as an error when I run the code:

Display of SD initialization error detecting the SD reader

There are some sites that indicate that there is a known issue with the card reader on these proto boards. Anyone else have this kind of issue or see it themselves?


I did find an article on the Arduino website that says that pin 3 of the SD card reader is not connected to ground and once he soldered a wire from pin 3 to the SD card reader case, it worked.

SD Card close up showing the pins. Pin 3 is from the left side

I will try that later on. Right now I have wasted most of today trying to get this card reader to work with no joy so far!

On to the next part!